Saturday, July 10, 2010

I cannot believe this is the finale! At first, it seemed like it was going to last forever, but looking back, it really flew by! Just like the years that slip out of our hand. Somewhere, I feel as though I have lost a few years in my memory, but gained it all with age. But, with age comes knowledge, so I don't complain. I just wish that my kids would slow down on growing up!! What's the hurry, girls?? They are so young and do not realize how hard life can be and how fast time slips away. And, sadly, the older they get, the older I get. I fear the day that I must go on and the two of them don't have a referee. Who will stop them from staying mad at each other then?? But, it is so amazing to watch them grow up! They start out so small and helpless and go to loud and obnoxious, then to being high schoolers..... And, then, one day, you're holding their children just like you did them. Funny how life just makes a huge circle.

Well, I am going to say goodbye. But, Professor, I will try to post on here from time to time just to keep in touch with you!!


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