Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This has been the most grueling week ever!! With two final essays due, six discussion posts down, and this is my second blog for the week cause my first was just cheesy!! And, now I am preparing myself for a 3 hr and 30 min. exam in A&P! It's crazy! I had to fire an employee for pulling a no call/no show. He, instead, thought it would be okay to call two hours after his shift started, to alert me that he wasn't going to make it in to work. How funny....and you thought you'd still have a job..not on a good day, either. I have found that employees are much like kids, so to add on, I now have 14 more kids...that's a total of 16 for that, if you, actually, I dare you, lol!! Please don't even attempt that! Scary!

We had an employee we were sure was stealing from us. One day, she was short 76 dollars and some change. I wrote her up and she signed and she offered to pay the money back, claiming she may have made a mistake, so I got her a form to fill out for payroll deduct. She signed it, all willingly, and left with a smile. Only to have her mom call the owners and threaten a lawsuit, saying I forced her to sign it. La, la, la, la, la!! I was extremely angry!!! As the story goes on, the owners knew I hadn't forced her into signing anything, ( I even had co-workers witness the entire meeting, but didn't need them to back me...anyway) so they stood behind me the whole way. The mother finally saw she wasn't able to back us into a corner, so the daughter quit. Gotta say my money issues are gone!! Imagine that!

Hopefully, my next ten weeks off will get the rest of my store lined out so that I can enjoy being in school and working again.. also, I may get to enjoy some time with the husband and girls(if the girls allow me/without driving me insane!)!!

I'm gonna miss all of you!! Good luck!!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I cannot believe this is the finale! At first, it seemed like it was going to last forever, but looking back, it really flew by! Just like the years that slip out of our hand. Somewhere, I feel as though I have lost a few years in my memory, but gained it all with age. But, with age comes knowledge, so I don't complain. I just wish that my kids would slow down on growing up!! What's the hurry, girls?? They are so young and do not realize how hard life can be and how fast time slips away. And, sadly, the older they get, the older I get. I fear the day that I must go on and the two of them don't have a referee. Who will stop them from staying mad at each other then?? But, it is so amazing to watch them grow up! They start out so small and helpless and go to loud and obnoxious, then to being high schoolers..... And, then, one day, you're holding their children just like you did them. Funny how life just makes a huge circle.

Well, I am going to say goodbye. But, Professor, I will try to post on here from time to time just to keep in touch with you!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Darkness surrounds the moon,
Emptiness falls in the room.
Numbness begins to set in,
As our love comes to an end.

I begin to feel the pain,
The tears fall like rain.
The world stands still,
My head begins to reel.

Your voice is on my ears,
But your words I do not hear.
My heart begins to break,
As my body begins to ache.

There's a dark cloud above,
It engulfs me like a glove.
I see a light shine through,
And know soon, I will be over you.

Okay, this isn't one of my best, but it's the first one I wrote about my first love. He sure did break my heart. What I find funny is how people say that they don't care about their exes anymore. What I have found is that I still love mine, just not the way I love my husband. Had it not been for my exes, I would not have found him and I would not have my children. Some roads, though steep, rough, and painful, must be walked down in order to find your true blessings. This doesn't mean that after you find him/her that there are no more long, winding, rough roads to go down...instead, this means that you have someone brave enough to love you and don't mind walking down that road with you. I have been blessed in this life to have had so many love me and to be able to love so many. I have had my share of hard times and heartbreaks, but still, I survive them all. I have had friends forsake me, and ones who have stood by me. Through it all, I have made new friends, who have encouraged me to be stronger and to make my life my own. I just wanted to share this with all of you...

On another note, this week has been another crazy one. One of my assistant managers text me saying she quit--right in the middle of her shift. Also, while I was in seminar on Wens. But, she was nice enough to text a couple hours later offering to work out her two week notice, but that she refused to work that night. Hello??? Is this crazy or what?? How can I depend on you when you walked out twice already. I have given you your second chance and you blew it. Why do people feel they can act like a child and be treated like an adult all in the same breath? Crazy people!!

Anyone who's into the Twilight saga's, I went and saw Eclipse tonight and it was awesome! I love that movie! Can't wait for the finale of Harry Potter, either. I know Harry Potter's time was up, and though we all got burnt out on him, I am excited for the finale. It's going to be really good!

All of you have a safe weekend! Happy Fourth of July!! I will try to post again before Tuesday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time flies when you have important things to do. Then, if you're as lucky as I am, you just might get called in to work amidst all the things you must get done today!! I had Thursday off of work, but that was because I was in a manager's meeting all day. It was a very informative meeting, but it sure felt like it took forever!! I was exhausted when I left there, and I still had to stop by the store to put in a truck order for Monday! I am not complaining, though. I do love my job and the people I work for, well, I am blessed to have them in my life! They amaze me. I have had many bosses, but none compare to these two wonderful ladies. They go above and beyond to make sure that I am able to fully do my job without any complications, and they are always thinking of me. They call me just to see if I am doing okay. The District Manager, over me, she is a blessing, too! She has not left me hanging one time wondering how to do something right. She comes by to make sure I am okay and she calls to make sure I don't need anything. If it weren't for these three ladies, I would not be so happy to come in to work everyday! And, I cannot forget my Assistant Manager! She sure helps me keep my ducks in a row. I don't know where I'd be without her! She is amazing, too!! I know you're wondering why I am telling you this? Well, so often, we over look the people in our lives who do little things, but make us feel so cared about, loved, and wanted. When we overlook them, we overlook a big part of ourselves. The ones who make you are the ones who really care about you as an individual.

Talk to ya later~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life can be such a hassle!! I am trying to get my work done and the girls are trying to take away my bearings!! I feel blessed to have them, but getting them to eighteen is going to be a different story! They may get me certified for that pretty white jacket with no sleeves and the pretty white room where there's a whole lot of padding....oh, the comfort of that thought...oops, better wake up now. Some dreams will never come true. Do y'all remember the show Rosanne?? Well, I feel like her..."Jail? Take me. You mean someone will wash my clothes and bring me my food?" I miss Rosanne! I think if I compared myself to someone, I'm much like her in the show. Not as heavy, but I'm very ironic about life in general. Some folks think I'm funny, but I don't mean to be. For instance, the girls think the smallest scratch or drop of blood means death. I just look at it and say, "I'm so sorry, but it looks like you will live for one more day". But, my kids grew up with me like this and they know how to take me. My girls are so funny. One is a blond, and let me tell you, she is true to the bone blond! She is also a clown. She can just say something stupid and the whole room will break out laughing. She likes to be the entertainment. At the same time, let me remind you that she is ten years old, she is so smart when it comes to everyday life. She loves fishing, deer hunting, water tubing, mudding, four-wheeling, horseback riding, hiking, and just anything that uses energy. My oldest, on the other hand, is twelve, and brunette, with the personality of not caring what others think of her. She will speak her mind in a heartbeat. When she was around four and five, I know of many times I just wanted the ground to swallow me for something she blurted out. I remember one day, she was four, and we were at Wal-Mart and walked passed a really large lady. She goes to yelling, "Mommy, you're not fat!! Look at her!" The whole time, she's pointing right at the lady and I'm telling her, "That is not nice and I do not want to hear such things coming out of your mouth!" How embarrassing. She was very good with words, still is. She is an honor roll English/Writing student. When she was two, she wouldn't say "that's ucky" like most kids do. She said, "That's disgusting." It was so funny because when she started pre-K, they would ask her what these words meant(thinking she had only heard them being used) and she was able to tell them. Another thing that is ironic about her is that simple math is very hard for her. But, when they grilled her on algebra without giving her a pencil and paper, she was able to answer the problem, without help, in under thirty seconds, the school administrator told me. But, with her having bipolar disorder, her social skills aren't up to par, therefore, holding her back from the many things she could accomplish! I feel so helpless that she has to deal with this. I try to make it easier for her to cope with, but nothing I can do will matter, until she reaches that stage in maturity where she sees for herself that she is bonding herself and keeping herself from the spectacular things she is capable of. I hate to see her grow up fast, but I do long for the day that she sees that she can control some of her issues, without medicines, and then she will acquire all that life has to offer her! Patience is truly a virtue. If you had ever experienced raising a child with all these mental disabilities, you know exactly what I am talking about.
Okay, I am out for now. See y'all tomorrow in class,
Hello everyone!! I have had the longest week ever...ooops, it's only Tuesday!! Got my first store county inspection on Monday...passed. Today, Subway Corporation was in there grading me. Passed...(sigh)! Yesterday, my husband hurt his back at work and couldn't walk. Though the steroid is kicking in and helping out, he still can't hardly walk or get up without help. Today, after being "graded" , I had to do some major catch up on the things I normally have to get faxed to home office every morning. They were lenient with me after I told them "Headquarters" was in most of the day. Then, I left work late because another disaster that I just long to forget. I took my daughter to her psychiatrist and he put her on Lithium for her bipolar and AD/HD. He said Concerta's really good when they are young, but when they start through puberty, they need something a little different to line their hormones out. So, maybe we will get rid of the manic episodes. At last, I came home and changed, ate dinner, and took my Anatomy & Physiology test...passed. Now, I am playing catch up on everything else that I found to be (not unimportant) less important than the two outlines due this week, and the weekly test. I am so tired I could pass out right now, but guess what?? I have to go right back to work around nine P.M. tonight because I have to do my weekly inventory and fax payroll over to the home office. Yeah, I'm so!!

I will catch y'all tomorrow night!


P.S. Stress is the handcuffs that bind the future of an intelligent soul!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This was a fun weekend!! For our anniversary, my husband and I stayed at the hotel of Boomtown Casino in Shreveport, La. We had a blast!! And we played some dough and lost some and then, well, we ended up breaking even somehow. But, we just relaxed and had fun! Anyone looking for something less expensive than Las Vegas, needs to try one of the casinos down here. They are really nice. And, it's free drinks all night, and no, it does not have to be liquor. I don't drink booze. I drink cokes, coffee, and water. Anyway, the jacuzzi was really nice, too. Along with the wet bar, room service, restaurants inside the casino, and the comfort and feel of the room. I think I need to get paid for this wonderful! We really enjoyed our little weekend out!

I got several calls from the store while on my way to Shreveport. And, several calls while I was there. They almost drove me nuts! I feel like I should not ever leave that store because I'm afraid that it might all fall apart if/when I'm gone. I should not have to feel this way! Seriously, shouldn't you know what to do if you run out of change??

Well, anyway, the girls really loved their weekend at Grandma's. She spoils them rotten every time they are over there and then, of course, they must come back home! I will talk to you all later! I need some rest for work!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello, everyone!! It has really been a crazy week! One employee quit, but I shed no tears. I hired two new employees. My kids called me a million times at lunch while my District Manager (D.M.) and the two owners were there! I was ready to throw my cell phone in the trash! We are still trying to catch a thief in our store. It won't be pretty when we do catch him/her!! Example, that's all I'm going to say!!

My husband, Charles, and I are looking forward to this coming weekend. It's our fourteenth anniversary, and his mom's keeping the girls and we're getting out of Dodge for a couple nights!! I am so looking forward to some desperately needed R & R!! His mom is my angel!! Charles and I would not be together today if it weren't for her! She is amazing and has never been negative towards me. She has always listened and stood behind us, no matter what we chose to do. It is very seldom to have an in-law that treats you like one of her own kids. This is one thing I'd never expected from a mother-in-law! Especially when you hear all the horrible stories about them when you're growing up. My mom complained about her in-law but, I know her and I understand why. If she were my mother-in-law, I would complain, too!!

Just a thought....It's funny how quickly life passes you by when you're just busy living!!

'Til next time,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello, everyone! It sure has been a day! And, it's not over yet! I got up at seven this morning and had pain in my back and a serious, I don't drink, so that wasn't the problem. I have had nerve damage to my back and it can't be fixed/repaired. So, anyway, I get a cup of coffee, sit down in front of my laptop and start to log in to class and get some of this work done. Well, another thought hit me, I don't get to have much fun, so why not go to facebook for a while and then do some class work? While on facebook, I got extremely tired, so I laid back down and the kids kept waking me up. Go figure. So, in my daze of sleepiness, I get out of bed again and take a shower. I went to the post office and mailed out some stuff my husband sells on ebay. Then, I go to pick up my youngest daughter's friend, who I-in my sleep-agreed to allow over for the day and night. But, that's okay, she's a really good kid. The problem is the fact that my girls won't clean their room. I have done everything to get them to clean their room. I even took their satellite box, cell phones, Wii, and anything else they enjoy. Then, I proceeded to spankings and time out. This has not worked. Now, they have to wash dishes and laundry. This hasn't helped. My back is against the wall on this. Any suggestions are really needed and appreciated here! I also threatened to take everything that's laying on their floor and throw it all away! I am going crazy with these kids!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey, class, don't know what happened, but it won't let me do anything on my other blog, so I just created a new one..hope this don't throw anyone off!

This week has been quiet a challenge for me. I had to do my employee scheduling for the week and ended up doing it three times. We have so many people who can only work certain hours, and, for the most part, they limit it to three to five hours. Not much for me to schedule them. One of the owners had to help me out by doing a little revising, but we now have a schedule set in motion for the week. I just hope we don't blow payroll. I am excited about school being out! My girls are so tired of the school scene and want the summer to begin!

We had planned to vacation in Colorado this year, but since I started the new job, I am just looking forward to a couple days on the lake swimming and fishing! That's so much fun, except my oldest one hates fishing. She is a girly-girl and even breaking a sweat kills her!! When we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, we decided to go hiking--up the largest mountain in the town. Two feet up that mountain and I thought I was going to have to carry that child!! She's funny!!

Well, I will holler back some time this week!