Sunday, June 13, 2010

This was a fun weekend!! For our anniversary, my husband and I stayed at the hotel of Boomtown Casino in Shreveport, La. We had a blast!! And we played some dough and lost some and then, well, we ended up breaking even somehow. But, we just relaxed and had fun! Anyone looking for something less expensive than Las Vegas, needs to try one of the casinos down here. They are really nice. And, it's free drinks all night, and no, it does not have to be liquor. I don't drink booze. I drink cokes, coffee, and water. Anyway, the jacuzzi was really nice, too. Along with the wet bar, room service, restaurants inside the casino, and the comfort and feel of the room. I think I need to get paid for this wonderful! We really enjoyed our little weekend out!

I got several calls from the store while on my way to Shreveport. And, several calls while I was there. They almost drove me nuts! I feel like I should not ever leave that store because I'm afraid that it might all fall apart if/when I'm gone. I should not have to feel this way! Seriously, shouldn't you know what to do if you run out of change??

Well, anyway, the girls really loved their weekend at Grandma's. She spoils them rotten every time they are over there and then, of course, they must come back home! I will talk to you all later! I need some rest for work!

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