Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello everyone!! I have had the longest week ever...ooops, it's only Tuesday!! Got my first store county inspection on Monday...passed. Today, Subway Corporation was in there grading me. Passed...(sigh)! Yesterday, my husband hurt his back at work and couldn't walk. Though the steroid is kicking in and helping out, he still can't hardly walk or get up without help. Today, after being "graded" , I had to do some major catch up on the things I normally have to get faxed to home office every morning. They were lenient with me after I told them "Headquarters" was in most of the day. Then, I left work late because another disaster that I just long to forget. I took my daughter to her psychiatrist and he put her on Lithium for her bipolar and AD/HD. He said Concerta's really good when they are young, but when they start through puberty, they need something a little different to line their hormones out. So, maybe we will get rid of the manic episodes. At last, I came home and changed, ate dinner, and took my Anatomy & Physiology test...passed. Now, I am playing catch up on everything else that I found to be (not unimportant) less important than the two outlines due this week, and the weekly test. I am so tired I could pass out right now, but guess what?? I have to go right back to work around nine P.M. tonight because I have to do my weekly inventory and fax payroll over to the home office. Yeah, I'm so!!

I will catch y'all tomorrow night!


P.S. Stress is the handcuffs that bind the future of an intelligent soul!

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