Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This has been the most grueling week ever!! With two final essays due, six discussion posts down, and this is my second blog for the week cause my first was just cheesy!! And, now I am preparing myself for a 3 hr and 30 min. exam in A&P! It's crazy! I had to fire an employee for pulling a no call/no show. He, instead, thought it would be okay to call two hours after his shift started, to alert me that he wasn't going to make it in to work. How funny....and you thought you'd still have a job..not on a good day, either. I have found that employees are much like kids, so to add on, I now have 14 more kids...that's a total of 16 for that, if you, actually, I dare you, lol!! Please don't even attempt that! Scary!

We had an employee we were sure was stealing from us. One day, she was short 76 dollars and some change. I wrote her up and she signed and she offered to pay the money back, claiming she may have made a mistake, so I got her a form to fill out for payroll deduct. She signed it, all willingly, and left with a smile. Only to have her mom call the owners and threaten a lawsuit, saying I forced her to sign it. La, la, la, la, la!! I was extremely angry!!! As the story goes on, the owners knew I hadn't forced her into signing anything, ( I even had co-workers witness the entire meeting, but didn't need them to back me...anyway) so they stood behind me the whole way. The mother finally saw she wasn't able to back us into a corner, so the daughter quit. Gotta say my money issues are gone!! Imagine that!

Hopefully, my next ten weeks off will get the rest of my store lined out so that I can enjoy being in school and working again.. also, I may get to enjoy some time with the husband and girls(if the girls allow me/without driving me insane!)!!

I'm gonna miss all of you!! Good luck!!


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  1. Chrissy - enjoy your time off! You deserve it!